We design and produce sustainable offering a product that involves a different philosophy and brand where we put priority on fair work, the local economy and the quality of the raw materials. As a footwear manufacturer it gives us a great advantage. Thanks to our team of high experienced workmanship and top quality local suppliers it makes TakeMe an outstanding brand. We guarantee fair wages, conditions of safe work. We defend all people who participate throughout the manufacturing process,working with a transparent and sincere supply chain.

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Sostenibilidad · Made in Spain · Fabricación propia ·

Only sustainable materials

Sustainable materials in footwear are gaining more and more importance in the world of footwear. These materials are those that have a lower environmental impact compared to conventional materials.

An example of a sustainable material in footwear is natural rubber. Natural rubber is a durable and strong material obtained from rubber trees. Plus, it's biodegradable and contains no harmful chemicals.

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